Anihilation application form,please read before applying

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Anihilation application form,please read before applying

Post  kafrila on Sat Sep 22, 2007 3:10 pm

In order to apply for Anihilation, you will have to use the following form as a template.

1. Character name, level, class and race:
2. Real life name, age and country:
3. Previous guilds on Genjuros (why you left/want to leave your guild):
4. Other characters of yours guilded on Genjuros guilds (and which guilds):
5. Is this your main character (or, if not, which one is?):
6. How active are you in hours per day and days per week:
7. Any existant Nephilim members that have played with you and can recommend you:
8. What is your current talent build:
9. What kind of gear do you have (Also add your profile link from allakhazam or thottbot):
10. Do you have a flying mount:

11. Do you have any end-game instance experience:
12. Do you prefer PvE or PvP:

At the prequests, write done or the step you are at the moment
13. Kharazan prequest:

14. What do you expect to find in our guild:
15. Write something about yourself:

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